May all that has been reduced to noise in you
become music again

Meet your therapist, Rachel Slagh


I graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts with an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy in September 2015.  My focus areas of study include Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and Trauma Touch Therapy.  My bodywork focuses on intensive deep tissue for chronic pain relief, coupled with therapeutic cupping & hot and cool stone massage. I am a Reiki level 3 Practitioner, & I completed the Clarity Breathwork level 1-4 training in Bali, Spring 2018.

Growing up in Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior, I enjoy a passion for connecting through nature.  I spent seven years as a kayaking guide/instructor & server in beautiful Copper Harbor, MI. After moving to Denver, CO to complete my 2 years of bodywork training, I moved to Steamboat Springs, CO & established my base of friends and clients there, exploring RV life and building my practice.

Recently I heard the call to jump over the sea and explore new territories… I am off to Australia and New Zealand to explore and connect… going on a one-way ticket! Be sure to check out my blog to keep update on the adventures!


Meet my best friend, Dany Cockatoo



Dany has been in my life since a magical spring day 5 years ago, when this baby goffin cockatoo crawled into my heart space and became the center of my world.

She is incredibly friendly and social and quickly becomes a mini celebrity wherever we travel. Her big smile, gentle beak and awesome dance moves keep her the center of attention, and people often tell us that she 'changed their mind' about the possibilities of interacting with a companion parrot. Dany loves heavy bass rap music, climbing in trees, going for car rides, and assisting in therapeutic space. 

Dany will be at '‘boarding school’’ while I’m traveling around the world. She will be receiving her elementary education (learning her alphabet to start, and eventually reading children’s books). It’s such an exciting time in her life!

Colorado Dany 082.JPG





If you met Dany Cockatoo and loved her sweetness and smiles, consider making a donation for bird food & toys!

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I'm a hard core thinker/analyst type and pretty readily dismiss anything that even sounds like WOO. So believe me when I tell you with all sincerity that I had an amazing breath work session- so good that I really wanted to let others know about it, particularly those who share my struggle with anxiety and/or who study Vipassana mediation. Rachel has an incredibly gentle spirit, and her guidance style reminds me of this magical hybrid of my favorite psychotherapists and meditation teachers. She works remote, so all you have to do it schedule it and get out your tablet for a video session. - Angoisse, Facebook Review, 7/2018

Do a Skype breathwork session with Rachel! She's so good! So amazing the release I had of stuff I didn't even know was holding me back. - Tari, Facebook Review 7/2018

Rachel did an amazing job of getting my body and back in shape so I could continue skiing on my 5 day stay in Steamboat. I was not familiar with cupping and hot stones,but Rachel told me of her positive experiences with these with examples that convinced me. I must say I have felt better , faster than any time before with a massage. Thanks Rachel for your care and attention , was fantastic. - Cleo, Yelp Review 2/2018

Rachel is a phenomenal healer. The most incredible massage I've ever had. Hot & cold stones took my pain away. Amazing. I highly recommend Transforming Touch!- Frank, Yelp Review 9/2017

Excellent. Rachel doesn't give a cookie cutter massage she listens to you and your body and you receive what you need. "Body Work" is a better term, I've ended a session many times free of a pain that my chiropractor spent many sessions on and it still existed. I highly recommend Transforming Touch Therapy. Plus, Rachel is lovely. -Charity, Yelp Review 7/2017

Rachel has been my massage therapist for nearly two years now ( maybe longer, I've lost track) I've had plenty of massages from plenty of therapists before and there is a reason that Rachel is the only one I've used since the first session. Hands down the best, most personalized, enjoyable massage every time. -Jami, Yelp Review 7/2017

I have received a number of massages from Rachel and she always does an amazing, intuitive job of addressing my issues, both physical and spiritual/energetic.  She can really get in there and do deep pressure, but she's also great at finding the right pressure and techniques that suit my preferences depending on the day and how my body's feeling.  If you have specific issues that really need addressing, go see Rachel!!!  She has also integrated Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki during our sessions-again, really taking into account my needs and applying her training and experience to ensure results!!  Her touch is indeed transformative, on so many levels. - Heather, Yelp Review 6/2017


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