Parrot Care


from as early as i can remember...

I've been obsessed with companion birds. In my childhood, my household was full of lovebirds, parakeets and cockatiels, and I adored their company. Over the years, my bird obsession grew, as did the size of my companions. I spent 12 years with my sweet Quaker Parrot, Sagebrush. She taught me so much about how to properly care for and interact with these intelligent, soulful creatures. After she passed on, Dany Cockatoo entered my world. I was blessed to hand raise her, and she is my absolute pride and joy. 

As we now travel the country, we have realized our dream of becoming parrot & house sitters. From Steamboat Springs, CO to Los Gatos, CA, we travel to conscious parrot households to consult, share knowledge, and give the best possible care to companion birds.

Those who strive to give their birds the best life possible know that there is a specific set of knowledge, from avoiding teflon pans and incense, to having heightened awareness of what the birds ingest, to working with non-force training styles. I have spent my life studying these areas and so much more, and am delighted to share my experience and knowledge to enhance the lives of companion parrots everywhere.

Rates negotiable (averaging $50-$75 a day) depending on location, length of stay & number/type of birds. Available for care of all animals and household types, while specializing in avian care.

Follow our facebook group "Conscious Parronting (Parrot Parenting)" for advice and positive feedback.


Examples of daily fresh fruit, vegetable & nut foraging activities, customized to your parrot's preferences