The Famous Dany Cockatoo, Unplugged

As we step the stones of this incredible journey towards our next big adventure, Dany Cockatoo & I wrapped up amazing Michigan visits with some time downstate in Lansing. It was a quick visit, and wonderful reconnection with beautiful friends.

We stopped in to Preuss Pets, where I met Dany 6 years ago. While wandering through the store, the owners daughter approached us to ask about my new tattoo (since it’s so realistic to Dany!) We got to talking further, and she ended up asking us to do a Facebook Live video, and then 2 segments of a radio interview! It was so cool to reconnect and share about parrot advocacy, and the unique soul that Dany is. Dany was also recently featured in an Australian article by my amazing friend Lee Stone on Cooperative Care for parrots (pictured below). She is getting more famous by the day!

The next leg of our journey brought us to southeastern Columbus, Ohio. Here is Dany’s place to settle for now, with our incredible soul sister Angoisse. She resides in a true “Narnia” of a home on 4 acres of beautiful lush property complete with a chicken coop, an aviary for the parrots, and a 5 bedroom 1840’s home. Living here with Angi are her 2 cockatoos, Sassy & Ruggles, and her Belgian Malinois, Mera.

Angi and I connected almost 2 years ago through the “teaching your parrot how to read” online class led by Jennifer Cunha of My Reading Pets. The course and her research focuses on giving animals a voice in their world, teaching them consent and phonics so that they can communicate about their experiences and preferences with their caretakers.

Angi and I connected through a mutual love of parrots, some amazing breathwork sessions and a good dose of humor & compassionate sharing. When I felt the inspiration to come on this journey to New Zealand, she immediately offered her home and heart to care for Dany and continue her lessons on phonics and consent. Dany is now officially at boarding school, and has already learned letters A, B & E in her first lesson!

One of the biggest urges I’ve felt around this journey is to temper my addiction to screen time. The first step has been in disconnecting my cell phone, with intent to avoid having a smart phone when I land overseas. The shift has been immediate, noticeable and so relieving. I suddenly find myself being so present with everyone, during meals and when traveling in the car. I no longer grab my device out of my pocket every 5 minutes, and am even feeling the urge to start songwriting again now that I have the spare brain space. I am really excited to see where that piece of my journey takes me… unplugging, so I can really connect again!

Snuggles with Ruggles!

Snuggles with Ruggles!

In the midst of all this magic, we are continuing our online breathwork sessions… this past Sunday we had an incredible group gather via Zoom and share in conscious, connected space. I’ve decided to offer one more stateside session before my flight next week. Join us Sunday, October 6th at 7:30pm EST for healing and heart-centering. (please RSVP for the link)

The next scheduled session after that is in Brisbane, Australia at the Shakti Meditation Center, 7pm local time!

That’s all for now… until next time xoxo