Farewell (for now) Steamboat Springs...

“I am more afraid of avoiding my path than walking it..."

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been! After 4 years in beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO, I have successfully packed up what's left of my belongings (after some intensive space-clearing!) and said goodbye-for-now to this majestic mountain town.

This last week I had some of the best times yet in the 'boat. Dany Cockatoo & I parked Althea RV parked next to the entrance of Howelsen Hill on Sunday for the final event for this season's Steamboat Free Summer Concert Series.I had been looking forward to this show all summer- a line-up of Bonfire Dub, Billy Strings, and (my personal favorite local band) Buffalo Commons! We often joke that these summer concerts are our semi-regular "town-meetings" because it seems everyone in Steamboat shows up for great music, tasty refreshments & the chance to boogy with their neighbors.

These guys always crush it- a Steamboat favorite!

These guys always crush it- a Steamboat favorite!

The fun continued with lots of friends visiting our wonderful home in Althea RV- a 41 year old Dodge Jamboree Rallye motorhome that Dany & I have spent the last 15 months living in full time. We closed her up and left her in the care of an amazing friend in Steamboat... until we meet again, old girl!

Our blessings continued as we spent Monday evening soaking up the Alpenglow on Lake Catamount. How had we not done this sooner? Amazing friends, gorgeous views, and a bald eagle sighting to cap off our wonderful evening. Tuesday was paddle-boarding on Pearl Lake & an over-the-top vegan Taco Tuesday complete with cauliflower-walnut taco "meat" and cashew cheese (mmmmmm....)

So, if life in Steamboat is so freaking perfect right now, why are we leaving? The truth is that I found myself at the absolute summit of all I have ever asked to manifest in Steamboat- living freely in an RV, working for myself in a successful massage & breathwork practice, surrounded by amazing friends and support... and I realized that, when you find yourself in peak experience, then that is the time to really follow whatever instinct or calling you hear. Rather than waiting for stagnation or a downslope to set in, what would it look like to keep your momentum and flow, even if it means letting go of all attachment to the current magical manifestations that you've already called into your life?

This journey is about trusting spirit and inner guidance. It is about remembering that it is our birthright to be happy, free & supported. There is no limitation to abundance, and it will continue to show up in unexpected, magical ways wherever we walk.

So here we go, flying off to see what shows up next, surrendering to the will of the universe, and trusting each step in the process.

Until next time, sweet friends. xoxo Rachel & Dany Cockatoo

"The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing that you had..."