Copper Harbor- at the edge of the world

Hello sweet friends! I swear a year must have passed this last week. Such a beautiful whirlwind since Dany Cockatoo & I drove across the country to Copper Harbor, Mi- my first chosen home, where I spent my childhood summers and 7 amazing full years after moving from my parent’s house in downstate Michigan.

Copper Harbor is a magical place- situated at the northernmost tip of Michigan, in the Keweenaw Peninsula, surrounded by Lake Superior (the largest freshwater lake on earth) and home to approximately 100 year round residents (we counted 86 back in the day, tho a few have added on in the years since, keeping one of the nation’s last “one-room-schoolhouses” running). 

Dany Cockatoo sure loves spending time with all her friends here!

My days here have been so full and heart-centered. Some of my closest, most inspirational and life-long friends are in this tiny town…

Amanda Wais of Copper Harbor Vitality has written a few amazing books (as well as her blog about living here with her son Braeden, who is blessed with Downs Syndrome and the biggest heart I’ve ever known). Amanda is a dancer, a hardcore mountain biker chick, an amazing listener & the most incredible mama. We spent the weekend howling at the full moon & giggling a LOT.

Johanna Davis owns, runs and lives at Spirit of the North Wellness Center, an incredible oasis of massage & healing inside the cordwood house that she built in the heart of the harbor. She also assists her family with running the Minnetonka Resort, a historical harbor asset with a beautiful gift shop and cabins to rent. Johanna was the first person to give me a professional massage over 10 years ago, and has encouraged me throughout my life to pursue my dreams and be true to my guidance. I was so blessed to spend the weekend in her beautiful home (where I once roomed with her) cooking all sorts of food, sharing heart space and hosting conscious breathwork for the community. 

I got to be with my MOM this weekend! We kayaked on Lake Superior, had a campfire at historical Fort Wilkins State Park, and sang along with the harmonium in her new beautiful camper “Matilda”. It’s always so sacred to share space with my mama, who has supported every step of my journey and taught me what true unconditional love and support feels like. I’m inspired by her ability to navigate the ups and downs of a mobile, flexible life in her 60s… this woman is always on the go, and one of the most powerful manifestors I’ve ever known.

Her special request when I came to town was to cook her favorite Vegetarian Ethiopian Feast with Injera… I happily obliged and ended up spending the better part of 3 days in the kitchen, feeding my loved ones!

My favorite part of this visit to Copper Harbor (the place of my childhood, my first explorations of connecting to Spirit, and some of my earliest lessons on consciousness) is coming back with the tools I spent the last few years gathering. Bringing conscious breathwork to this community was a deep, soul affirming experience. One spur-of-the-moment session with Amanda, Johanna and my Mom quickly led to the request for a second group session (with 7 in attendance) and is now calling for a third (planned for Friday September 20th, 11:30am at Spirit of the North). To see the powerful response and transformation that lays itself open in this practice continues to humble and astound me at every turn. Breathwork feels to me to be the stuff of life purpose- the reason for coming to this earth- the absolute key to living fully and in the present moment. 

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Until next time…

“… We get one life. Just one. Why aren’t we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams?”


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