Voice Opening in Oz

Sharing in song brings me such joy and purpose.

We humans used to sing for everything- for births and deaths, for the rising of the sun and moon, for rain and crops and health and life. Our voices are a powerful tool and it is our brith-right to make music and express energy through our voices.

It's only in recent human history that we decided only certain people are allowed to sing... that you need to sound a particular way to have permission to use your voice... that one must apologize for not sounding the same as others. I love to hear others voices rise up, without fear or restraint, to celebrate and grieve and process and sing for the sake of singing.

Over the past few weeks, I've had some of the most incredible moments of unexpected, 'in the moment' shared song. During a recent breathwork in Copper Harbor, I sang "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan, and the circle of women spontaneously joined in- our voices sang loud and strong to the universe in celebration of breath and life. A week later I sat on the couch playing the same song for my dear friend Ang (who has previously proclaimed to NOT SING around people), and she unexpectedly joined her voice with mine, loud and clear and beautiful… afterwards sharing how safe she felt in that vulnerability and joy of song, and how amazing it was to open up those vibrations in her body. It is so healing!

Today I achieved one of my biggest goals in Australia, when my niece Eclectus parrot Kokoda began singing along with me while I played this same song. I've heard Kokoda sing on video before, and have been playing music for her every day here in hopes she would open up and join me. Sure enough, today she joined in and her voice melted my heart through! Hers is the Elmo-sounding voice in the video below (by the time we got the video, I was playing a different Sarah song, but had to still share in the cuteness)

Sharing in the healing vibrations of song is one of my greatest joys in life. The birds know, and are here to remind us, as they sing the dawn every day in celebration of life and joy on this earth.

Love from Australia & keep singing friends…I’m surrounded by parrots and completely in my element!

I arrived to the future (to Brisbane, Australia) earlier this week, and my dear friend Lee has been taking care of me, along with her 3 beautiful birds- Inca (not pictured, she won’t sit still long enough), Kokoda (the red and blue Eclectus) and Maya (the giant red and rainbow chicken). We also visited Bird World, a parrot sanctuary outside of Brisbane. Cockatoo snuggles are my favorite! Saturday night we went to Eat Street, which is like a weekly food and music carnival in the city.

Join us tomorrow for Breathwork from the Future! Sunday October 13th at 7:30pm EST. Music on the harmonium, lots of safety and love, and donation based! Click here to sign up.

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